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Visit Sri Lanka | A hidden paradise of Camp Poe – Walay Clothing

Visit Sri Lanka | A hidden paradise of Camp Poe

Olivia Kao

There’s a real buzz about Sri Lanka, especially for the coastal spots on the Sri Lankan Riviera. This strip covered the west and south coasts of the island.

Golden yellow beaches are backed by swaying palm trees, a wide selection of boutique hotels, guesthouses and surf camps, interspersed, further south, with a bright-green sweep of lowland tea plantations.


West of Galle -the southern center of culture and touristic life- the beaches become wilder and more tropical. If you take the Southern Expressway bus from Colombo you can reach Galle in just one hour.

We spend over a month at Sri Lanka’s south coast and found a true hidden paradise in Ahangama. Just opposite of the beach tucked away in a quite, spacious green garden, filled with flowering jungle plants is boutique retreat Camp Poe.


Camp Poe is originally named after the poet Edgar Allan Poe, to inspire creativity and freedom of expression. As the camp evolves so does the meaning of the name, into "People of Earth," "Protect our Earth," and "Peace on Earth".


The camp is a surf and yoga retreat run by the two passionate friends Ben and Til. They have both travelled the world, always surfing and dreaming of a sustainable life surrounded by beautiful people, offshore waves, white sanded beaches, fun parties, delicious healthy food, breathtaking nature and inspiring wildlife. When they arrived in Sri Lanka they found exactly what they were looking for and never left.

Stay for a week in a safari tent or garden bungalow and improve your surf, practice Vinyasa yoga, relax with art therapy, work on your rhythms with a music teacher, paint some designs around the camp, join a swimming lesson with local children and make the best new friends.

According to the boys -and our own experience- the best travel experiences are co-created. Visiting Camp Poe for a week makes you feel, see and taste what its like and I’ll promise you, you’ll get stoked!


Photography: Iris @meetyouatthebridge
Content: Iris @meetyouatthebridge