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Taiwan | A hidden town by the highway - Dulan – Walay Clothing

Taiwan | A hidden town by the highway - Dulan

Olivia Kao

Dulan; (都蘭) a sleepy little village situated on the east coast of Taiwan near Taichung. If you don’t know about it you’ll probably just pass through it on highway 11. But if you do stop, the now funky little aboriginal town will steal your heart and extend your stay on the island.


Taiwan is also known as the Hawaii of the East and Dulan is the right spot to get to know why. The tropical little town is set along a steep backdrop of emerald green hills filled with blossoming flowers. Both on the north and south side of town, Dulan has beautiful palm tree fringed bays. Go for a refreshing swim, a surf- or sup session or just relax the day away in your hammock.

But this town is not only about beach. You can make a gorgeous hike in the hills to the Moonlight Inn, a sweet little café and art gallery, with the best view in town. The city of Dulan itself is just a few street blocks on each side of highway 11. But in these blocks you can find the best Vietnamese food on the island, a soul surf hostel from two South African guys, a delicious drip coffee café, a genuine France bakery and a funky, hippie hostel run by a musician from Amsterdam.

Dulan boasts of the artists and musicians who make the village even more interesting.  The longer you’ll stay the better you’ll get to know the artistic town and its colorful inhabitants.

On the south side of town you’ll find an abandoned sugar factory, which is now a place with studios for local creatives. Mingle yourself with the artists, zip on a very hipster local brewed ginger beer and enjoy an excellent live performance lit by campfire.


Photography: Iris @meetyouatthebridge
Content: Iris @meetyouatthebridge